Sex... and hearing it

Ok, so after writing this, I realize it can be read in many ways. As people know me - I've very blunt and open. This is in no way meant to be vulgar, but is simply my genuine thoughts finding their way onto the computer.

Without going into vastly unnecessary details, I stumbled into a situation (entirely accidentally) where I heard one of my friends having sex. This is in the context of a committed relationship by both people, and based off of the brief moments that situations, they are passionate, vigorous and loud. I'm not a pervert who searches for these moments (on the contrary, I'm very happy that they have found that and respect it), it just happened to make me think.

Anyways, the point is that it got me thinking about that kind of sex. The raw, passionate, animalistic kind of sex. The kind of sex that is based off of an emotional bond with so much trust that it becomes a exciting exploration of every part of each others' bodies surrounded with no elements of fear or self-consciousness. Where both people are trembling with sensations so strong it's impossible to vocalize except through the guttural responses their bodies do subconsciously and the occasional uttered word. Where the gentle caress of one's hands against the others' skin gives a memorable persistent stimulation. Where the hours of the night become an endless stream of two sweaty bodies everlastingly connected in desire through their their love and their passion. A night so long that it ends with two people so exhausted, sore and simply comfortable that they can do nothing but fall asleep in each other's arms, content to be there and no where else. That kind of experience amazes me to no end.

I miss that kind of sex.

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