Merry Christmas!

There's something very fun about being at home for Christmas - going through family traditions, relaxing and getting away from everything, shopping way too much, wrapping presents. A good reminder of the wonderful family that I've had my entire life. Coming home and hearing the familiar clank and clatter of 5, 10, 15, even 20 year ornaments on the tree always makes me remember :)

I also had the chance to talk more with my grandmother, which is always an en enlightening experience. Here are two quotes:

While talking about my mother and father while they were courting and young - very long distance (from New York to India)

When you have love, there is no fear. (translated from a Hindi proverb)

And after I inquired what my grandmother thought about my aunt, who embraced Judaism from her husband as well as Sikhism (the religion in which she was raised)

Different religions all teach the same morals - speak the truth, honor thy mother and father, etc. The cultures we have additionally are actions - the morals are the important part.

She continues to amaze me every time I talk to her. So many people I know struggle because of their very traditional and often closed minded older members of their families, so it's so wonderful to see my grandmother as one of the most open and caring people I've ever met - primarily concerned for the health and happiness of her family and the people they love. It's those ideas that I love about the holidays. That's what it really means - to me, anyways.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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