New year, same delay in posts

Well, welcome to 2008, everybody! I'm, of course still behind on posting, so this one is mostly regarding my winter break, which turned out to be absolutely wonderful :) Which, of course, comes with its gigantic share of craziness.

My break actually took me from Dallas to Houston to Colorado to Austin to Houston back to Dallas. Lots of flying and driving that was totally worth it :) No gigantic injuries this year from snowboarding, although I got the chance to have the wonderful experiences of boarding through a snowstorm with a camera strapped to my wrist (check out the visibility), getting snowed into Winter Park and missing my flight, and hopping on another delayed flight to Austin, only to see my parents and my sister for 3 seconds, and show up at a New Year's party at 11:20. Top that all off with a New Year's day drive from Austin to Houston then Houston to Dallas and going to work the next day, and you have the latter portion of my break. Whee!

Additionally, I was inspired by Living My Life Faster, about a guy who took a photo of himself every day for 8 years and composited it into a video, and started to do the same myself. Additionally, I have been trying (not as successfully) to take at least interesting photo each day. It's a very humbling experience, since you have to find something to take a picture of, and regardless of how blah you feel, you have to take that picture of yourself. It's interesting. We'll see what happens as the year goes on.

One of the books I read over the break was Only Love is Real by Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters. Many Lives, Many Masters is a book about a psychiatrist (Weiss) who uses regression therapy to help a patient through her problems, and discovers that via regression, she can start to identify events in her past lives. In Only Love is Real, Weiss treats two strangers via regression, and in hearing their previous lives, he realizes they have been soulmates who have been important figures in each other's past incarnations.

In the process of reading it, I ended up having a discussion with Paul and Katy on the topic, and I think I finally articulated my thoughts regarding it. It's one of those strange things, soulmates. It's one of those things that I so wish it's how the world worked. That like a beautiful dance through time, you run into those soulmates in each lifetime in different ways, but each with the same strong connection. That there are people that you are close to on such a deep level that one mere lifetime isn't enough to express it. That fairy tales exist and really come true. I wish the world worked like that. But then the realist in me kicks in - there are so many other day to day things that contradict it, that take the mind's attention, that need to be done that take the shine off. The realist that says things aren't always perfect. But that little realist certainly doesn't stop me from hoping, and making decisions based off of the wish that the world worked in a little more beautiful way. You have to have hope, right?

Anyways, on that note, and after reading it, I started to really think about the level of importance we throw on lots of unimportant things, when it really comes down to it. That, and the combination of Katy's sister Abbie, resulted in me finally chopping my hair *gasp!* Yup, chopped off almost two full feet, and currently sporting the shorter, curlier look. I actually really like how it turned out (although some of my friends disagree :p) - besides, when it really comes down to it - it's just hair. I've been wanting to get a better picture, but everyone knows that any picture you take by yourself turns into a cheesy-myspace-angle picture, so here's the one from right after it was cut.

Additionally, I suppose in spirit of starting off the New Year right, I finally replaced the Geo with a new car! Yay! That's right, after 14 years of chugging along, I finally got rid of the damn thing (not to say it was breaking down - I think that car will live longer than I do :p Sooo, for the new one, I got a 2000 Firebird :D It's a 2000 (since they stopped making them in 2002), and it's a convertible! I absolutely LOVE it - it's exactly the car I wanted, and I can't believe I was lucky enough to find one. I've always wanted one since I was a kid and my dad used to take me to the auto shows. I remember sitting in them and telling him that one day I would own one (which of course he would laugh at and say I wouldn't want one of those). So, here's to fulfilling a childhood dream :) I couldn't be happier with it, except that I now have three vehicles that I love - the Firebird, the Thundercat (my bike) and the Mustang (an old '68, that was my mom's first car - lots of family nostalgia there). So spreading the love and time to care for 3 vehicles is proving challenging. Not to mention the insurance o_O.

I really should go to yoga more often, because it's very calming, and usually gets me in the mood to blog :p

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