I think I may be a junkie...

A car junkie, that is. I had to take in the new car to get a little work done on it (catalytic converter needed to be replaced), and the guy that worked on it at the shop I took it to has actually rebuilt 13 Camaros from all kinds of years! So we got to talking about my car (and what he would love to do to it), and my Mustang (and again, what he would love to do with it), and I've started to realize how much time and energy I'm starting to put into my vehicles now. I've got my daily driver (the Firebird), my love of freedom (the Thundercat - motorcycle), and the classic car (the '68 Mustang), and they take a lot of love! I went out and got the oil / filters for all of them last weekend, and am trying to figure out how I'm going to find the time to wash / wax / vacuum / change the oil on all of them in one weekend without going nuts! Also, the temptation to get all the little things fixed on them is getting higher and higher... buy the little interior plastic part for the Firebird... find a back side reflector and new bumpers for the Mustang... replace the handlebars and sliders on the Thundercat... Must... not... start... expensive... hobby...!

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