As per usual (sometimes), it's figure drawing Wednesday, and when I go and actually get even a single decent sketch, I like to post them up. Nothing really special this time around, but a few decent ideas strewn onto paper. More of experiments this time around than anything.

While emptying the camera w/ the pics on it, I came across a picture that I took a few nights ago that turned out pretty awesome.

I think "World in Motion" would be a good title for it. I love how everything seems to be swooshing by while my buddy is totally in focus.

Hopefully that will be one of the last of those type of pictures from my point 'n click camera, since my SLR should be in the mail as we speak. (or as I type, I suppose). Anywho, onto the sketches:

Just an interesting shape
The start of something that may have been beautiful
A pretty composition, for some reason
Playing with harsh edges
Experimenting with wacky proportions and harsh edges

Overall, I think they all have something interesting, but the first and third are the ones that I look at more than once.

Anywho, it's late. I should really be sleeping more. Yoi yume o.

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