Arty smarty post?

Whoever decided that it was a good idea to bundle over a hundred games of Sudoku into Brain Age for the DS was a freakin' genius. The first few times I tried it, I totally sucked at it, but once I got the style of game, and some of the patterns down, it's a fun little thing to do when just chilling out at home, or watching TV. Totally nerdy, but fun :p

I've started to develop a taste for a few wines. Not very many, but after going to a cozy little wine bar here in Dallas and trying a decent variety of bottles, I've found a couple that I like. (Although the cool guy who ran the place moved back to Cali, which is kinda sad) There are 2 red wines that I definitely enjoy, and I can totally see how they would go well with certain types of food - most obviously, a good cheese plate :) Methinks it's time to start making some more fun meals at home for the wine to go well with :p

Stumbled across a very very cool interview with Yoshitaka Amano this morning on 1up.com that goes pretty deep into a "day in the life" and shows his office, inspiration and personality. Definitely an awesome read, if you're interested in an artist and his work (obviously more interesting if you're familiar with his work). It's very cool to see a lot of the pieces I've seen from him in sketches around his office, and to hear about his inspirations and passions, and where his ideas came from. Even more than that, it's awesome to see how genuine of a person he appears to be - definitely awesome. He's on the top of the "people I'd love to meet someday" list - it's a shame I don't speak Japanese. I would absolutely love to own an original piece by him someday - because I enjoy his work, but also because when you see that and have an idea behind the person that made it, the pictures speak volumes more when you see them.

Tiny snippet:
1UP: So it's like perspective, how art is to one person can be entirely different to another.

YA: So video games say something different to me too. I could just express something, in a game world in a different way. That's why I like working in games too. I think it would be interesting if I could express something from a painting in a video game.

While reading that, I came across a reference to Neil Gaiman, and Amano's work with him, so I poked back over to Gaiman's site (I've been reading a few of his books recently) and totally remebered again why I like his work - he's an awesome writer and just has some crazy ideas. That and a wacky sense of humor - there were some stores in Smoke and Mirrors where I actually laughed out loud because of the pictures he painted with his words. It's also very cool that he blogs - always provides an interesting read. That and one of the pictures (in a random set) on his blog is of him trying to write and his cat totally interrupting him - don't know why, it just makes me laugh :p He's also on the top of my "people I'd love to meet" one day list. Just to see what kind of a person he is.

And... ARRGGHHH! They're remodeling the floor beneath us - like, RIGHT beneath us, so there's the occasional FREAKING LOUD DRILLING beneath our office - so loud that you can actually feel the ground shake. It's either going to be a long day, or a very short day because I might go nuts and leave early.

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