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Went down to Houston this weekend - I was excited about the trip because I was looking forward to taking the bike down there - been far too long since I've taken it out for any real amount of time. And then the weather came... crazy thunderstorms all weekend! (which ended up being totally true, it was like someone dropped an ocean on the city). So turns out it's good I didn't take it back, but I finally realized why a lot of motorcyclists call other vehicles on the 'cagers'. When you really want to ride, to feel the wind, to just be outside, the car feels like a cage :( Thankfully I took the bike out tonight - nothing like riding towards the sunset, turning around and following the moon home. Cool feeling after a bleh work day.

While down in Houston, I ended up seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a pretty fun and simple movie, but it was better than I thought :) Definitely had some of the funniest scenes I've seen in a movie in a long time. Johnny Depp is a freakin' genius - even funnier than in the first one :) Sometimes I wonder how the writers came up with this stuff (like the choreography in the last fight scene - holy crap!). It was a beautiful combination of slapstick comedy, action and special effects thrown together to make a bunch of fun in the theater. Definitely recommend it :)

I love how only a handful of our friends can totally take over a place. lol. I think Saturday night was proof positive that we can make any place with any number of us a lot of fun. :)

Oh, and to Shannon and Reece - Congratulations! I saw a picture of Shannon after the wedding - you looked breathtakingly gorgeous! :D

And just to finish it off with randomness:

- Pat, you brought up a crazy good memory over the weekend - Flame on!
- Half price books + Mike's employee discount == lots of books for nearly nothing :)
- Mike, you were totally on fire Saturday night (must be the English major in you)
- Mel, you managed to shatter my poor mind to the point of irrecoverability >_<
- Irony's a bitch
- Mike was on fire, but Pat still wins for quip of the night :p
- Shell, you and your parents may just give me a death by chocolate
- 10 hours of driving in a weekend takes a lot out of you
- My sides still hurt from about 8 hours straight of laughing

Oh yeah - we totally need to get a group together to see A Scanner Darkly this weekend :)

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