Fuck dude.

Man, internet radio is the best and worst thing ever. It's the kind of thing that you turn on while you're folding laundry and the next thing you know, you've gotten into a productive groove and it's 1am when you're finally done and you're blogging and you should totally be asleep since you barely slept over the weekend. Weird. But then there's some songs that you just can't be still during, like Dani California. :p

People can be absolutely fascinating sometimes - especially when you learn new things about them - it's amazing the scope and impact the events in our lives have, and more interestingly, how they compare and appear next to those in our own lives. I feel like I'm constantly given reasons that remind and amaze me of this. Guess its another level of reflection from our surroundings, neh?

Got lucky enough to make a shotgun trip down to Austin to meet up with a bunch of work buddies from there, the ones that moved over to BWA. First of all - got to spend the whole day on Lake Austin, which was awesome, because it's been ages since I did that, and was also a welcome relief after the sauna of a ride there from Dallas on the bike. (which was also a lot of fun) That and even had a big BBQ at Roy's palce and got to hang out with all the guys I used to work with and catch up and drink some beers - man, that was a trip back, and also a blast. I had forgotten how funny they all were :p And holy crap - I ended up riding the Waco to Dallas trip back at night - it's been a long time since I saw so many stars in the sky. On the streches of road between the little towns, even through my shaded visor, I felt like I could see hundreds of stars in the sky - absolutely beautiful. Also reminded me how nice riding the bike could be (which I had forgotten after riding in the 107 degree heat...)

Also got the oppurtunity to go to a BBQ over the weekend with a bunch of people here (actually in the apartment complex I lived in when I was first here) and played water volleyball for almost 4 hours - until the sun went down and, get this, it actually got cold! (was mostly from the wind after getting out of the pool, but still). Made me reminiscent of the sand volleyball days back in High School. Oh man, was it a good time. I'm hoping to jump in on one of the indoor teams up here for the fall season. :)

Also, I'm a weak, weak man sometimes. I've been craving getting a digital SLR for years now, and recently started looking again after Howard showed me his, and Sherman starting talking about his. After reading about a bajillion reviews online, I settled on one, a good solid one that I really liked. Prices weren't looking so hot, so I was hoping to wait until a sale came up on one of the various online stores. Until what happens? Announcement comes that they're not making that model anymore! WTF! So I ended up caving a buying one from one of the few stores online. I spent a whole freaking lot of money today because of the camera, all the accessories and an extra lens. But ooohhhh man, am I looking forward to getting it (it's the D50 on the Nikon website) :D

Speaking of people and events, I got the "family update" from my mom today. One of my cousins (Raji) just found out that his wife is pregnant - which will be their fourth baby! They're gonna have a whole army of them soon! And on the opposite end of the spectrum, another one of my cousins who was pregnant (Sharon) recently miscarried :'( which makes me really, really sad. They have two boys and were looking forward to their first daughter :'( Love you guys!

Sometimes you should really just listen to your gut. And now it's time to blow out the candle, put away the feather-tipped ink pen and retire to bed. g'night.

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