Holy multiple posts, batman!

4 posts in one day?! I must be crazy >_<

If you're bored, check out these movie trailers one of our artists found after coming back from a comic con if you're in the mood for some crazy stuff:

Pan's Labyrinth

New movie from Guillermo del Toro (director of ‘Hellboy’ and ‘The Devils Backbone’) All Spanish language big budget insanity. They apparently showed a subtitled 10 mins at Comic Con this year.

The Fountain

Darren Aronofsky, Director of ‘Pi’ and ‘Requiem for a Dream’. He left Batman Begins to make this.

Children of Men

No idea who made this, but it looks incredible.

The Prestige

Chris Nolan (director of Batman Begins) re-teams with Bale to make this in between the Batman sequel.

Interesting stuff, no?

Also, it sucks to have old injuries surface. I think I tore a muscle - like, 3 years ago or so. I always thought it was just a bad stretch, and that it would loosen up once I started to work out again, but sure enough, it just hurts like holy hell a lot :( So much so that it started to bug me a lot this weekend, and even more during my workout today - boo!

Also, also, the artists in our studio are freakin' talented. Got to see a bunch of new ideas from them in the last couple days, and holy crap do they look good. It's like they have been able to crank out inspiration like it's on an assembly line. lol. Wish I could get that effect every once in a while :p

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