Laughs out loud

An excerpt from Megatokyo - I laughed out loud when I read this one:

(on the phone)

So, tell me Piro...
Do you still love me?

Wh... What?

That's not a very nice way to respond to that question. You could hurt a girl's feelings.
In fact, I think I might start to cry.

Ehhh? No! Wait! I'm sorry! Don't do that! I...

So, you still want to play with me?


I'm so glad! I thought you might be otherwise... involved.
Don't forget to plug Ping in tonight.
Bye now.

What the... hell.

Anyways, I found it DAMN funny, but it might only be funny in context and with Fred Gallagher's beautiful artwork. And even then, it might require the 511 comics before it to make much sense.... o_O

On a stranger note, my hair tie broke in my first class today, so I've been walking around campus with a giant amorphous blob of hair on my head... and no one really seems to be noticing it... well, that's an understatement, it's frickin the size of a rabid animal on my head, I just think my friends aren't commenting on it... or it managed to control their minds and convinve them not to bring attention to it... it's got a mind of its own, I tell ya.... o_O


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