Auto response from Nozomi81: What is it in this world that you feel makes it beautiful? (and if the world isn't beautiful, what makes is not?)

Leave me your answer in an IM - please? I'd really like to hear from anyone that reads this - especially those of you that I haven't talked to in a really long time - even those who I may have not talked to at all.

What can I say, I'm curious.

Beauty is the roar of the river, the spray on your face, the musk of the trail. Beauty is the graceful curve of her back and the strong lines of his collarbone. Beauty is a kestrel's call, a cello concerto, a boys choir. Beauty is the way a hundred people move as one in celebration of a rock concert. Beauty is the night sky spattered wildly with diamonds, winking upon a pitch-black sky in the middle of southwest texas. Beauty is driving five hours straight without seeing another car on the road. Beauty is a song, a whisper, a knowing glance. Beauty is laughing so hard your sides hurt.


they have their highs and lows but the people around me make the world seem beautiful


fresh-squeezed orange juice
from central market ;-)

beauty is stepping outside and seeing seomthing more than the sky, closing your eyes and knowing the emotions in the song on the radio, having a shoulder to cry on, the tears on the strand of a broken heart, those same open crystal eyes in love, the creation of a dream, the heavy rain beating down on your face, the flow of a winter wind, the innocence of people, the differences people percieve, the uniqueness, recognizing another's passion, the confidence you find in people and the trust you hand them, staying up for nights on end for no reason at all, the craziest pipe dream you could imagine, memories of the past and visions of the future, laughing, crying, hurting, loving, creating, destroying, being together, being alone, closing your eyes and knowing you're alive. Beauty is what you make it - everything or nothing.

the random people you meet every day and the conversations you have with them. The people you have known forever and the aim talks with them, with best friends gossiping over dinner, or even with the woman cashier at the taco bell telling you about her first day on the job,

For me, what makes the world beautiful (and also what makes it ugly) are the people in it. The people are what creates the uniqueness and diversity of the world, and also what causes the sadness and pain. Even though I enjoy being alone, being with the right person can make a place seem ten times better than if I were there alone.

Well, that's what I got - thanks for those who IMed me ^_^

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