Then the cat...

Alright, so I had a LOT of stuff to do this weekend, and I only got a fraction of it done... and the part that I did get "done" I am very frustrated at... it just doesn't want to WORK! Damn computers..... >:-O That and, I told myself I would be in bed before midnight tonight to set the pace for the week... now a simple look at the time of this post will tell you that didn't work very well... -_- but, the moment of the weekend was just a few hours ago when I was helping Kim cut the nails of her cat, Jennings... I was holding him, and we got through his front paws, and onto his back, and on the last paw, I was holding him and his paw so she could trim the nails, and yes... THE CAT ATE MY FACE!... or tried to, at least. He lunged at my face and smacked into my lips with his teeth, so he didn't bite, and then ran off... needless to say, a cat flying AT YOUR FACE at like 100 miles an hour is an odd experience... o_O but that's cool, he came and fell asleep on me later in the evening... strange, strange cat... -_- Anyways... must survive through this week... must survive... -_-

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