Survey thingie!

Current Mood: Tired / terrified of workload...
Current Music: Trapt - Made of Glass
Current taste: White Chocolate Mocha
Current hair: Dark brownish / black, pulled back tight into a ponytail
Current clothes: blue jeans / .mp3 committee shirt from the sumer
Current Annoyance: broken bottle of cologne / not well fishes =Current smell: I forget what the cologne is... but the bottle that just broke in my bathroom - that smell
Current hate: work =Last book you read: jeez... Sandman, I guess - a graphic novel, but reads like a book (confusing enough?)
Last movie you saw: Full movie - Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, partial move - Showtime
Last time you showered: around noon today, in Dallas

[Do you]
Smoke?: Nope
Do drugs?: Nuh uh
Have sex?: while filling out surveys? o_O
Have any gay/lesbian friends?: quite a few
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: absolutely
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: I think so
Consider love a mistake?: Nope
Like the taste of alcohol?: eh... most no, a few yes
Have a favorite candy?: not really...
Believe in god?: kinda, but not like many people do (to quote from Alison: "God, yes, a god... well...")
Have any pets?: 1 betta fish, Turle, and babysitting another, Kiseki, hopefully he can go to his home soon (a much nicer, big 10 gallon tank)
Do well in school?: depends on the day... =Go to or plan to go to college?: Am currently
Wear hats?: not often, but when my hair is buggin me (just need to find the right hat)
Have any piercings?: nope
Have any tattoos?: nuh uh
Hate yourself?: not very often
Have an obsession?: sometimes none, sometimes everything =P
Have a secret crush?: noope
Have a best friend?: a few
Care about looks?: not really what's important

[Love Life]
First crush?: uhmm... fourth grade? does one that early really count?
First kiss?: Summer after my senior year
Ever been in love?: yup
Do you believe in "the one"?: abso-frickin-lutely
Describe your ideal significant other: loves me, cares about me, understands me (that may be too much to ask, I don't understand myself =P), makes me and her happy

[Juicy stuff]
Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: only when playing sports and sweating like crazy
Have you ever been intoxicated?: yeah, I guess
Favorite place to be kissed?: I really don't know... o_O
Have you ever been caught doing something?: doing what? my homework? eating? breathing?
Are you a tease?: how would I know?
Shy to make the first move?: yeah, I could say that

[Are you a:]
Wuss: I don't think so, for the most part
Druggy: I really doubt I could do this survey if I was on drugs... so no
Daydreamer: ohh yeah
Freak: depends on who you ask
Dork: yup, and proud of it!
Bitch/Asshole: I'm sure I have been at times
Brat: I don't think so... at least not often
Sarcastic: Me? Sarcastic? NOOO WAAAAYYYY!
Goody-goody: yeaah, can be
Angel: All depends on the person you ask
Devil: Yeah, depends on the person you ask
Shy: definately, at times
Talkative: only in the right situations
Adventurous: heh heh, I'd like to think so ^_^
Joker: yuuup, a lot of the time, I think
Flirty: nah, not really at all

[In the past month did/have you]
Made out: yup
Date: define 'date'?
Gone to the mall: yup
Eaten an entire box of oreos: I think I would die O_O
Eaten sushi: OF COURSE!
Been on stage: uhmm.... don't think so...
Been dumped: nope
Dumped anyone: noope
Gone skating: duude... not since I was a kid... wait... a few summers ago, rather
Made homemade cookies: nope.. but that's a god idea
Been in love: Yup
Gone skinny dipping: noope
Dyed your hair: no, but that sounds like fun =P (too much hair, though...)
Stolen anything: nope
Cried: I think so... maybe out of frustration at something or another

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