Hmm.... I wonder....

So I ran into a good old friend from my High School times today - I was in the CMA waiting for Kim to get out of her meeting, and I look up, and who's walking towards me but Maggie! She is an absolutely SPECTACULAR artist - it also turns out that she's been quite busy in the last few years. It turns out she read the Harry Potter books and started to get inspired to draw those characters... eventually she got to the point of drawing for some websites, and all the way to drawing pictures for Harry Potter merchandise! She's now a celebrity among the Harry Potter fans (she actually went to a Harry Potter convention where she sold pictures and signed many autographs... o_O) But yeah - also, turns out she isn't neccessarily looking 100% forward to Creative Advertising... turns out what she would REALLY like to do would be to be a Video Game Character Designer / Artist.... (!) (But she thinks that because of her degree, she can't - wrong! ^_^) This, of course, got me to thinking about the whole idea of starting a game company again... would it really be possible? It would definately be a dream come true... if I had the talent, time and drive, I would love to just make small games with a group of friends and become something like Naughty Dog... and to be able to have a group of people to work with and create something to the grandure of Jak II would really be a dream come true. I wonder... could I do it? Would it be possible? Is it worth all the effort to try? Perhaps these are questions left to be answered another day... I hope O:-)

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