Alright, how on earth do I get myself into all this stuff? It's been a long day, (since it started at 7 am, not cool) and what I mean is all the stuff I am going to do... so, I recently became a student member of the DMC lab, in which I'll be working on gaming research and stuff while I'm here at UT, which means I need to spend time there every few days working - my first project is a pretty big one I need to make in Director. That'll be a whopper, I think, I still need to learn some more of the technical side of it. Plus, my classes are starting to catch up, I have two programming assignments already, tons of reading to do, and have already almost fallen asleep in a few classes... to make matters worse, I still need to acquire a copy of Unreal 2 (help, anyone?) and play another game and write reports about them (fun, I know, but timing is terrible). Finally, the game dev class is really going to get started up, and I met a guy in there who I am now going to try to design the logo and part of his webpage for the company he just started (but it'll probably be paid ^_~) - this is where a conversation that starts as Him: "Hey, are you an animator?" Me: "Not as my primary focus, I'm a programmer, but I do art on the side" gets me -_- And we're going to go hardcore into the game development stuff soon, and in class today, the professor, while talking about not being pigeonholed into a job says, "for example, we have someone in here who is a programmer, but is also 3d artist," and he looks around and says, "huh... he must be missing," so I think to myself, wow... I really need to meet that guy. Then he looks straight at me and says, "Oh, there he is. He's a computer scientist who's also a 3D artist, he's been doing both of those for a long time." Long time? I've barely been doing CS for anytime, much less 3D art! Throw on some NODA stuff, and making the Memory CD and Memory Book, and set to 'puree'.

Eep. -_-

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