On crack.

Nozomi81: Have you ever heard of Turing?
Nozomi81: the person
Raging Aardvark: eh?
Nozomi81: Turing
Raging Aardvark: should i have?
Nozomi81: said to be one of the founders of computer science
Nozomi81: possibly not
Raging Aardvark: why?
Nozomi81: I was just curious - he was mentioned in one of my CS classes today
Nozomi81: he's actually mentioned in all of them at some point
Raging Aardvark: heh
Nozomi81: anyways - he worked on the second world war to decode the German cryptography that was being used in their submarines
Nozomi81: that were used to intercept american ships to britain
Nozomi81: and he essentially invented the concepts of computer science
Nozomi81: anyways - the interestin part I never knew
Nozomi81: he killed himself a few years after the war
Raging Aardvark: just for fun?
Raging Aardvark: out of boredom, perhaps?
Nozomi81: no
Nozomi81: that's the interesting part
Nozomi81: In 1952, Alan Turing was arrested for "gross indecency" after a burglary led to the discovery of his affair with Arnold Murray. Overt homosexuality was taboo in 1950's England, and Turing was forced to take estrogen "treatments" which rendered him impotent and caused him to grow breasts. On June 7, 1954, despondent over his situation, Turing committed suicide by eating an apple laced with cyanide.
Nozomi81: interesting, neh?
Raging Aardvark: mm...almonds....
Nozomi81: ...
Nozomi81: not quite the reaction I was going for, but that works
Raging Aardvark: so the guy who invented CS had boobies?
Nozomi81: ....
Raging Aardvark: man, no wonder computer nerds are picked on in school.
Nozomi81: one of the fundamentalists of CS, no
Nozomi81: yes, I mean
Nozomi81: heh
Nozomi81: right :-P
Nozomi81: I just thought that it was interesting that he killed himself for that reason
Raging Aardvark: taboos can exert a strong influence on people
Nozomi81: very true
Raging Aardvark: so much that they make you take HRT to the point of not being able to get it up and growing boobies.
Nozomi81: hahahha
Nozomi81: how eloquent
Raging Aardvark: yeah 8-)
Raging Aardvark: that's neato. i can add to my collection of random trivia ^_^

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