I went to my cousin Paulie's wedding in Los Angeles this weekend (technically he's my uncle, but we call him cousin anyways). It was held on a very small boat off of the coast with close family of the bride and groom. The actual ceremony couldn't have been even ten full minutes. It was, however, one of the most beautiful and passionate things I have ever seen. This was a wedding that wasn't concerned at all about a huge grandiose ceremony with decorations everywhere, not concerned with everyone dressed in tuxes and gigantic dresses. This was truly a wedding of love. Its been a long time since I've really been inspired, but the passion that tranpsired through these two people was truly astounding, a huge part of this being Paul and Claudia's hands during the ceremony - gently holding each other, surrounded by family and friends who were there to witness a beautiful thing - the bonding of two people. It was really an experience, and you know, when Paul and Claudia addressed everyone at the end of the night saying that "They could honestly say, without being a blanket statement, that they loved each and every person that came, and were truly happy each person came," I really did believe them, because you could see it in their eyes, it was true. Still, even sitting here now, when I should be doing a thousand other things, I am astounded by the beaty and passion in that night, and can still feel it. I can see it in their hands, firm yet gentle, loose but trusting, these pictures simply don't do the moment justice.

It's been a long time since I've been inspired.

Paul, Claudia, I truly wish you both the best for your life together.

Thank you.

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