Kitty Quest

Alright, so I go out today with Kim to go look at Petco at a volunteer cat shelter at around noon today (since she's looking for a cat) fully expecting to spend an hour or so, then come home, because I have a lot of work to catch up on for school this weekend... I just got home. Turns out we did a few other things, I picked up something I needed for a class, then we drove to the other side of town to look at the SPCA (she was JUST going to LOOK today, since she hadn't told her parents that she wants a cat get...) and she falls in love with a kitten there, and we leave to pick something else up for me, and she gets a hold of her parents, who said it's ok, and would pay the pet deposit, so we haul it back to the SPCA, buy the kitty (his name is Jennings, and he's really cute) then have a $170 dollar shopping spree at a PetCo way up north, drive allll the way back home, and set up everything at her place... and I just got home... I really need to learn not to run on these *short* *window shopping* expeditions with her... =P But hey, Jennings is really cute, and it was fun, so oh well... just have to figure out how to do all my work in the next 24 hrs... -_-

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