Hair brained scheme #625

Got a chance to visit the Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering studio at UT Dallas here in town, potentially building up a relationship with their research labs and work. Going back to the campus and really seeing the ideas and projects of the academic world really is inspiring. It got me thinking (and excited about) teaching again. I had already inquired about teaching at the Arts and Technology classes, bringing industry experience. However, I need to get at least 18 hours of Master's degree credits under my belt. After today, I not only felt excited about teaching (scratching that itch to do something to actually help people), but also to learn again - to be in an environment where you're surrounded by people that are learning. It got me to think about going back to school, which I seriously think I'm going to do in the fall. After all, it would give me a chance to teach again, would give me a chance to learn more, would hopefully lead to an MFA, and work would pay for it. Time to look at applications again...

Lack of time has never been an issue for me ;)

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