Well, I got to take a nice break from all the work and projects that are being done this weekend for the annual tradition of Madrigal Dinner here at UT. I was an understudy in the Madrigal Show back in 2001 - but not like a normal understudy - the understudies had parts, as we roamed the tables (there actually is a 4 course dinner, along with the show) and entertain the guests in the breaks, fully in costume and character. It really was a good time, and I met some pretty cool people.

Anyways, I got to get all dressed up and go with Kim this year. We finally got there around six, at which point I was trying to make sure I could get in because Kim (who trudged through the snow, uphill both ways to get the tickets =P) forgot to tell me I needed my student ID. Turned out to be ok, since there were many Madrigalians that remembered me. I had some friends (both from Madrigal prior and from the Orientaton Advisors) in the show this year, so it was cool to see them directing / acting / entertaining throughout the show. Good job Jamieson, Kevin, Meredith, Michael, Justin, Michael!... etc, etc. etc. So we listened to the wonderful choir directed by Jamieson, already I was mouthing along with all the songs, spotting people who I remembered in the choir and crowd, including Marta, who was filming from the balcony.

So after the singing in the lounge area, we went in, and got to our seats and the show started, with various people wandering the tables, all the people I knew dropping by to say hi. And the first interesting thing happens... Jamieson comes over with two other guys and singles out Kim and sings a song to embarass her in the first break - quite entertaining =P In the second break... a group of wenches and footmen come up to me, (some of which I knew from before) one screaming "Did you?" ... I, of course, knew what was going to happen, so I play along. About a minute later, I'm in the stocks in the back of the auditorium because I allegedly gave the kingdom's lactose intolerant dragon, Bubbles, a big hunk of cheese... (don't worry, there's a picture) and I find myself having to convince the three wenches around me for kisses (of which they demand a dance, joke, and compliment to free me) and they retaliate with their three kisses - so I have three giant lipstick marks on my forehead and two cheeks... So the night continues, and after another break or two, I hear... "MISTLETOE!" after which a horde of wenches (about half to two-thirds of which I remembered from my previous Madrigal experience), like a gust of wind fly by and pelt me with kisses. So, at this point, pretty much every square inch of my face is covered in some form of lipstick or another... (also, picture to be posted) Finally, Kim gets Kevin to request a group to come over to sing the Moose song at our table... doesn't sound so bad, huh? Well, at our table, we had two kids, couldn't be older than 10 ish, and the Moose song (although DAMN funny) is all about "rammin' a moose"... "Moose, moose, I like a moose, I've never had anything quite like a moose..." I, of course, mouth along the words, as the singers snicker at me because I still remember it from a few years back =P And finally, the show begins its conclusion, as the choir, again led by the wonderful Jamieson sings a beautiful concert. And finally, we walk out of the auditorium, (after finding Kim's dropped earring - glad we found it!) to walk through the gautlet of all the Madrigal people, probably 40+ people, singing a Madrigal tradition, a version of deck the halls, put to "Daylight comin, I wanna go home", which is a lot of fun.

As I'm walking out through all the people in costumes just having fun, I realized I got a lot of genuine smiles and waves from many of those people (even some I didn't get to know that well) that I met my first year of Madrigal, a full two years back. It was just really cool to see that welcoming environment from all those people. It really reminded me of how much fun Madrigal was, both the semester up until the show, and the show itself. So, as I walked back to my apartment today, covered in lipstick and in a better mood after a crushing two days of work, I decided that if I am here next fall, I am DEFINATELY going to audition for Madrigal again, either in choir or actors. Anyways, it was a fun night, and I really needed a break from all the work that has to be done this weekend. I'll post embarassing pictures of me soon =P

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