Happy Birthday to me! ^_^

Well, I turned 22 yesterday... I'm an old fogie now =P It's been a pretty rough past four weeks or so, so a day away from everything (mostly) was pretty nice. It was a wonderful birthday though, and I really want to thank everyone who called or IMed me, or emailed me, or just remembered. ^_^ So... thanks Kim, Neesha, Grandma, Mom, Dad, Jimmy, Rosie, Rebecca, Aurlie, Gunu Masi, Cristi, Asha Masi, Bavna, Grandma (on my dad's side), Sunil, Sandya, Sahil, Simrin, Jagdish, Sarla, Dilip (those last 9 were in one phone call!), Patrick, David, Joe, and Angela. Thanks for the warm wishes, guys, you made my day awesome. ^_^ And thanks to Joe, Mike, Pat, David, Weber and Gloria for keeping our costume adoring Halloween tradition alive. ^_^ Pat and I went craazy on the cameras, and I think we got some awesome pictures - hopefully I'll be posting those soon. ^_^

Thanks everyone!

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