So we've recently taken to playing this board game called PitchCar at the office before work. It's essentially a giant, table sized, matchbox style race track with little wooden cions as cars. Confused yet? The box art essentially describes it all:

It's basically like a race track plus shuffleboard. Needless to say, its been quite a bit of fun - we even had a tournament last night! (I placed second in the prelims and fourth in the final race - playing with some pitchcar experts lol). Its amazing to see this wide range of people, all of whom have been stresses and working long, long days reverting to silly ten year olds, ooohing and aaahing and applauding each others' good shots and shouting out at each other's losses. Chanting out "knock off" to try and get your opponents to screw the other cars on the board - you can knock other cars off the track if you call it. It really reminded me of the simple pleasures - just goofing off and having fun :)

Strangely it got me really excited about the new opportunity after Ensemble - because it reminded me of what one of our leads on the management team said earlier while talking about the people who may come to the new company. (Paraphrasing and embellishing):

"I like working with these people - people where I feel like I can jump up and down getting excited about an idea knowing these people wouldn't be shooting everything down with realism and impracticalities, because they would get carzy excited with me, and riff ideas off of each other. People where I'm not afraid to be goofy and silly, because those people will do the same."

I want to be there - I want to work at a place and with people where we can be goofy kids together and try the craziest awesome ideas that noone else dare try. I want to work with those people becuse they're also some of the most talented people in the industry. I want to work there because I know with those people, that passion, that goofiness, that talent, we can make things noone else would have expected.

I can't wait :)

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