I love my family :)

And my culture, honestly - even how much they might not seem perfect sometimes. I got this in my inbox this morning from my mom:

Dear Neesha and Vijay,

Wishing you a very

Happy Diwali

Tuesday, October 28th is Diwali. The day Bhagvan Ram returned from the forest after 14 years. All of Ayodhya celebrated his return after 14 years of banvas (banishment) from his kingdom due to a promise made based on his values and a life of righteousness. He set an example for mankind on the importance of living life honestly, courageously and with conviction. On his return all of the citizens of Ayodha gave thanks, wore new clothes, illuminated their homes with the divas (lighted candles), also prayed to Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity, ate sweets and Diwali was celebrated. The next day after Diwali is the Indian New Year. Families call their relatives and friends and wish them a Happy New Year.

So, tomorrow, Tuesday October 28th take a moment to give thanks, recap right values (ask yourself if you are meeting your ideals) light a candle (in a safe holder). If need be, place in a bowl of water. Wear something new, eat something sweet and have a Super day. A day illumined with the peace, knowledge and light of infinity. Tell your friends about Diwali, share some sweets.

Your are in our thoughts.

Mom and Dad

So happy Diwali to everyone! Give thanks, ask yourself if you're meeing your ideals, light a candle (if you so choose), wear something new, eat something sweet, and treat yourself to a wonderful day - be happy today, no matter what :)

And then do your best to do that every day ;)

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