Flash of a weekend

Busy busy busybody. I got the chance to make a super fast trip down to Austin - half business and half pleasure. Certainly worth the trip, but far too short.

I even tracked my ride with my N810 and plotted some of the data - pretty interesting, you can see when I got frustrated and just wanted to be home, when I was just cruising, etc. I was certainly surprised just how much the speed varies on the bike. I'm sure graphs in the car would look very different

Dallas to Austin:

Austin to Dallas:

And yes... I'm horrible - I speed too much on the bike - I'm usually better about that, but I was exhausted this weekend and wanted both drives to be over as soon as I got on the road.

Anyways, I digress - the weekend reminded me of many things - primarily how much I need to be spending my free time with the people that I care about, and doing the things I really enjoy. I was in Austin for less than 48 hours, but had the chance to see near a dozen old friends and had the chance to laugh so hard I cried, sit around and theorize about future prospects, and just sit and play some video games, remembering how nice it was to enjoy the simple pleasures :)

I would love to be more verbose as I normally do, but I'm as exhausted as ever with all the crunch from work, so it's time to pass out. On a closing note - to all my friends and family - I love you all very much, and I know I don't say it often enough, but I really do appreciate all you do for me :)

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