For anyone that really knows the artist side of me, or has talked art with me at length may know my favorite statue: Winged Victory of Samothrace

I remember distinctly when I found it, too - it was the in my AP art class junior year of high school, and there was this giant, unbelievably heavy book full of art that we used to use as reference material. It was the very first picture in the book, as soon as you opened the cover, even before the table of contents. A picture of it straight on from the front, and it really just struck me. I did a detail piece of a section of the cloth that year that now hangs in my parent's house, and even got a chance to see it in person when I went to the Louvre with my family (beautifully framed at the center of the stairs).

Anyways - I was poking through Barnes and Noble with a few friends in Austin recently and came across a book of the pieces in the Louvre, and started reading about the statue's significance more. Interestingly enough, the statue actually depicts the Greek Goddess Nike, whose name translates to 'Victory'. I had a sudden epiphany with the realization that this statue I always associated with translates exactly as my name does (Vijay translates directly from Hindi to mean 'Victory' as well). Even more strange that it took me nine years to realize it haha.

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