I <3 the web

There's a really interesting video on Web 2.0, and its potential to change how we use the internet. Really fascinating stuff - well worth the 5 minutes.

It's this kind of stuff that's really inspiring about what we can do and how we will soon be able to share information. As more and more sites start adopting it, the results start to become pretty remarkable really quickly. Take for example these three sites (linked on my sidebar for a while now): Flikcr Tag Browser - a site that allows you to search through millions of flickr photos via a tag surfing interface, We Feel Fine - a site that searches the internet for 'feelings' and indexes them together in a variety of ways - ever wonder what other people around your age feel like in your area?, or Love Lines - where the whole spectrum of emotions ranging from "I love..." to "I hate..." are gathered together from the internet in one place.

Proof of all of this? Because the Flikcr Tag Browser always has new pics first, I poke around it every few days. While chatting w/ Paul about this Web 2.0 stuff, I fired it up and searched for "Love". Guess what came up in the first few pictures?

That's awesome stuff.

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