Sometimes I wonder...

If the world would be a more interesting or better place if it wasn't so f***ed up. It seems recently more often than not, I've come across situations that just astonish me on how bad and how difficult things are, or can be for the people in my life to just live day to day. Is it because I've always just sheltered myself from it in the past? Have I just always drowned myself in reckless optimism about the world? Am I just seeing things in a different light? Or am I just coming across a stream of people who happen to be in rough times in their lives? It kills me to see people struggle and fight like this when everything points to the fact that they don't deserve to have these things happen - that good things should happen to good people - people with good hearts. Is that such a damn wrong belief to have?

blah! Although I've seen a multitude of both cases, even recently, and seen people become better people through their struggles most of the time, (even happening with one friend right now), I'm in a slightly more 'blah' mood regarding it at this immediate moment.


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