Just too humorous not to post

A conversation with an old friend regarding a rhetorical social dilemna...

Me: so what's the solution?
Him: Two parts water, one part concentrated muratic acid.
Me: you're an over saturated level of chemistry humor
Him: No, seriously. Clean up your act.
Me: eh?
Him: (that's a cleaning solution)
Me: >_<
Him: Ha! Multi-tiered humour!
Me: good god, I'd forgotten what insanely over-intellectual humor was like
Him: Heh heh. Butts.
Me: ...
Me: wow
Me: I stand corrected


Him: Heh.... screw hope. It just leaves one let down.
Me: wow
Me: what an overflow of pessimism
Me: or realism, depending on who you're talking to
Him: You know me, the ray of sunshine that leaves you blinded long enough to fall down three flights of stairs.
Me: hm.
Me: only three
Me: you've gotten soft in your old age
Him: I blame osteoperosis.
Me: pssssh


Him: Me, I don't take a lot to be happy in a relationship.
Him: Mostly because I don't hope for a lot.
Me: ok
Me: then what do you take?
Him: Two creams, no sugar.
Me: ...
Him: Damnit, you've got me in wordplay mode, and I can't give a straight answer to save my life.
Me: le sigh
Me: hahaha
Me: it's like some sick training for you, isn't it!
Him: It's true.


Him: There is a point in the night where shots start sounding like a good idea. That's usually when you know you've had enough. Unfortunately, shots sound like a good idea.
Me: hahah
Me: quite astute
Him: You know how much I love my nerddom.
Me: just a tiny bit
Him: We started the night playing a prime factorization drinking game.
Me: ....
Me: no way
Me: how does that even work?
Him: This led to my quick decline into inebriation.
Me: seriously - what the hell is a prime factorization drinking game?
Him: Mike had a random number generator. He called it out; the four participants factored as quickly as possible. The first one to get it right got to assign a number of drinks equal to the number of factors -- all factors, not just unique factors.
Him: The sum of the exponents in the prime expansion.
Him: If it was prime, you got three drinks to assign.
Me: oh
Me: my
Me: god
Me: that is by far, without a doubt, THE nerdiest drinking game ever invented
Him: It can get nerdier.
Him: I proposed one that no one wanted to play.
Him: You know the game Buzz?
Me: no...?
Him: First you choose a number, like seven. Then you start counting off. Except every number containing a seven or is a multiple of seven must be replaced by "buzz", or you take a drink.
Him: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, buzz, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, buzz, and so on.
Me: yikes o_O
Me: and how long does that go?
Him: Now, play that with the periodic table instead of numbers.
Me: until they're passed out? o.O
Me: ...
Me: whaaaaaaa?
Him: Yeah... no one wanted to play that with me.
Me: ... wait - HOW?
Him: hydrogen, helium, lithium, berylium, boron, carbon, buzz, oxygen, fluorine, neon, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, buzz, phosphorus, sulphur, buzz, argon, potassium, calcium, buzz, and so on.
Him: By atomic number.
Me: ...
Me: holy freaking crap
Me: first you'd have to have the damn thing memorized to even play! >_<
Him: Yeah.....

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