I'm dreaming of a white...

... November? ... Thanksgiving? ... No, that's not right.

But sure enough, yesterday, the last day of November, we got a nice coat of snow up here in Dallas. I've even got a few shots that I need to post up of snow packed up around the house. :p

Also, got a chance to go to a cozy (probably Blue October at the Lakewood Theater here. Turned out to be a pretty spectacular show. The opening band Wide Awake was pretty awesome, and gave some pretty sincere props to Blue October at the end of their set. Very cool. (I've gotta say that Blue October is another band that performs spectacularly. Especially since the lead singer was doing the concert with a broken leg, but also in a suit. Nice ;) I didn't even realize how good some of their music was, so now I've got one headphone in listening to their new CD. Some damn impressive stuff. And for some reason, their encore was one of the best I've ever seen. I think they played one song from each style they represent. And they did it damn well. They opened up with 18th Floor Balcony. Awesome. :'-)

Also, I swung by the shirt stand and felt like I was back in High School - $15 - 20 for concert tees! Jeez! Some people still do sell their stuff for a decent price. I'm used to $30-40! So I picked up a shirt that I really liked. Simple, and has a set of lyrics on the back:

I'm reaching farther than I ever have before
leaving all who broke your heart upon the shore
I may be some sort of crazy
We may be some sort of crazy
But I swear on everything I have and more

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