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Bleh. Spend the entire day playing WoW, Guitar Hero and watching TV. How utterly productive. Also, look - Vincent's on a commercial.

Poking around through my daily set of links (trying to dig through the April's fools jokes everywhere) and I come across the yzf600r forum - a website where a bunch of people that ride a Thundercat convene. There's a lot of very mature riders there, which I like. Plus it's a great wealth of information since I haven't had a lot of time on the road.

Anyways, there's nothing like a post about bad wrecks to make you comtemplate your mortality. There was a lot of links to bad wrecks, motorcyle and car. Fatalities all over the board, from the stupid person who lost control gunning it down the freeway, to the responsible driver who got hit by the stupid person. It really forces you to remember how short life can be, how fragile we are. All we physically are is a soft blob of carbon, and it doesn't take very much to pull the life from that. I think that's why I'm amazed by how eager people are to put their lives in the hands of others, tailgating on the freeway, pissing people off, yelling at them on the road. It doesn't take much. (I'm just thinking aloud here, so if you'd like to call me a hypocrit for riding a motorcycle, go right ahead. We all make our choices). It just scares me how easily it can all disappear. Every trip, every drive, every step could be your last. Does that mean you live in fear every moment about what might happen? No. But it's good to remember sometimes.

So if today was your last day, and something terrible happened on your next trip outside, would you be happy? Have you done all the things that you wished you had? Have you left things well with all the people that you care about? Was your last day everything you thought it would be? We're all so damn petty, worrying about and fighting about the stupidest things that won't matter in the long run, and force us to suffer through life instead of enjoying it. Why? Life should be a beautiful thing, to love every moment. If not, why do it? I'm going to personally try as hard as I can to stop being so petty, to appreciate the smaller things in life. Strive to find the diamond in the rough.

My parents should be in Beijing right now. Everytime someone in my family or someone I care about travels, car trip or plane, I get a little afraid. A little afraid that something really bad could happen. Does that make me a pessimist, or someone who values those goodbyes for everything they might be?

I need to get back to music and art. I've been craving it a lot, and it grows by the day. I'm going to start looking for concerts in Dallas, and am going to go buy a good pair of headphones for work and workout tomorrow. Also, I'm going to draw - something. That's my promise to you.

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