Freakin' hilarious

The house is settled - I'm finally starting to get a little setup, which is really exciting. :) Just looking forward to some time to unpack and clean up.

Oh, and this is my new favorite quote:

(regarding the Nintendo Revolution, recently renamed the Wii - pronouced "WHEE!")

It'll probably be the best selling system of all time. Clearly things don't work out when Nintendo tries to play everyone else's game. The Gamecube is pretty similar to the PS2 and Xbox, it did OK. Then Sony was like "We're gonna give you Grand Theft Auto on a handheld, beat that" and Nintendo said "Fuck it. Here's this thing that looks like a fake PDA you'd find in some kid's 'IT worker playset' that has N64 graphics. And oh yeah, we're gonna make you do arithmetic problems." Bajillion dollars. Now they're gonna bump it up a notch just to see how ridiculous they can make something sound and still sell more than they can produce.

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