Son of a...

Yeah, so today SUCKED. A lot.
First off, my cat hasn't let me sleep for th last three days, so I'm exhausted. Oy. -_-

And I had two critical bugs that showed up at work today, one out on live that I can't replicate it, so I can't fix it, and the other a server crash for our QA team, that the cores (snapshot of the program when it crashed) were purged from, so the only way I can fix it is to wait for another server to crash again. -_-

Also, I know that it's impossible to write perfect code, but it's also really depressing being responsible for bugs that make it out - it's just a total downer and makes me feel like crap, plus it's noone's fault but my own. Looks like I just need to double, triple check my code better. *sigh*

On a positive note, my name is in the credits of a video game! That's friggin awesome ^_^, so if you play Star Wars Galaxies, click on the credits, and you'll see my name in the credits. w00t!

The new Batman trailer is out - which looks AWESOME, definately go check that out. It looks much closer to the comic, and it's just more real than the previous ones. The world feels like it could actually exist. I'm excited to see it.

Penny Arcade has an awesome spoof of Star Wars and current television.

I'm still looking at motorcycles, and in a strange turn of events, Kim has gone from total fear of them to interest! She even wants to try to ride mine once I get it. We're gonna go look at some this weekend... can't wait ^_^ - I almost physically drool over the different paint jobs on the YZF-R6.

I've been more artistically inspired as of late - starting to see beauty in the little things in life again (I wonder if it's the lack of sleep o_O). Anyways, I really like Megatokyo, there's a frame or two that stood out to me in todays. It's amazing how much emotion you can portray in one image. The female in this strip is very dark, (as can be seen through most of the strip / comic), but in the second to last frame, a total emotional shift is made in her countenance, of vulnerability. Beautifully done. I wish I could make things like that again.

We have no phone in our apartment, and it doesn't look like it's going to be fixed, and we barely have an internet connection. Suck.

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