Brain hurts... -_-

Alright, so this is the first weekend I've been able to sit at home and relax in a long time. And thusly, all I've done is sit around and be lazy. I played more video games today than I have in a long time, more on my new PSP than any other. My head totally hurts from playing on a small screen all day -_-. And two maniacal cats running around at top speed in mortal aerial combat like they're in some crazy kung-fu movie does NOT help. So now I've stopped and I'm trying to do something that makes my head feel much better. *_*

So yeah.

Random: last week I finally felt like the geek I know I am. I went over to Kim's place with my trenchcoat fully equipped - each pocket to the brim with:
- Sony PSP
- Nintendo DS
- 20gb mp3 player
- High quality in-canal headphones
- 2mgpix digital camera
- Axim x30 (PDA)
- All topped off with my laptop and various cables over my shoulder in a backpack

Fully equipped and ready to go.

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