Wow... so I survived... skydiving was UNbelievable! I was a little nervous at first, but the second we took off it all went away, and I was more excited than words can express. (Also, I convinced Mike to come too, which made me really happy) So we went up, and they opened the door on the side as the winds whizzed by. We flew for a good ten minutes, and as I got strapped in tight, Aurlie scooted up, and... *WHOOSH!* she flew out the side of the plane. So, I scooted up, strands of my hair whipping my face from the wild winds cutting by, and I kneeled out the plane, and as I looked out to the world below, all around, I was thrown out of the plane, spinning. And at that second, it was AMAZING - you could see the whole world, in EVERY direction, the world seemed so gigantic, and encompassing. And even though there was a guy strapped onto my back, I felt alone, in the sky, able to finally see the world around me, and I screamed - I screamed a scream of excitement about the world, and the experience, about the wind blowing in my face as we free fell. It was spectacularly beautiful. And after about fifteen to twenty seconds, the parachute opened, and we began floating down for about a minute and a half, able to really take a look at the world. Have you ever looked out the window of a plane, and just wanted to see the world unhindered, not in a box? That's what this was - words can't describe the way it looked up there. I strongly encourage everyone to try it at least once. Even our most nervous person (Very nervous) came back completely giddy afterwards. In the words of my tandem instructor - "It really changes your whole life perspective." I couldn't agree more.

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