One more night.

And I'm terrified. It's such an unnerving feeling to be quitting a job. I started off the day today with one of my friends at work saying:

"Yeah, we just had our first 'Ok, so Vijay's leaving for real - how the hell are we going to do all the stuff that he does around here?'" Way to make a guy feel important, at the least.

On a more depressing note - it's really hard to say goodbye to a lot of the people here, because there ARE a lot of great people, and I almost feel like I'm abandoning them by leaving (especially QA - noone else pays attention to QA =\). I had a meeting with a good friend at work (in management) trying to convince me to stay - basically trying to figure out if there was anything they could do to get me to stay, but I'm already committed to the transition now. "It kills me to see a guy like you leave." Right now, it's killing me to leave, too.

There's also the people who say things like "You're still young, you have plenty of places to go."

I'm excited - but also totally terrified. Shopping for houses and talking with the movers doesn't help.

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