So, I'm on vacation - w00t. It's actually quite nice. We're out in the middle of Colorado at Steamboat Springs. On top of that, I've got about 30+ members of my family here, actually from all over the world (mostly from the corners of the US, but also one person from India. Personally, I think my favorite part of this vacation is that there seems to be no specific plans as of yet. I mean, I'm really looking forward to doing all the fun hiking, mountan climbing, tubing, etc, but it also seems like if we want to just sit outside and soak in the atmosphere and read a book, we can! (This is a rare occurence on our vacations - normally they're quite packed with things every minute.

Let's see... what all has happened since my last post at 5/27? Quite a bit - for those of you who have spent time with me in Austin, you know I've been damn busy at work, and taking care of my bike. That's been most of my time, especially since my boss was out because of his new baby for two weeks, and my boss' boss was out for a week on vacation, so I got to be the sole member of the build team during a few publishes and hotfixes - definately an enlightening experience. O_O But fun nonetheless (not for long periods though, >_<)

Moved into my new beautiful place, which is AWESOME - it's nice and big, and is finally getting cleaned up - even Vincent feels at home.

That, and Sean got married at the end of June - congrats Sean and Mel! You're both absolutely wonderful! ^_^ And my best man speech seemed to go off without a hitch, which I can't necessarily say for one of the other toasts, during which Sean was constantly uttering, "I can't believe he's saying this in front of my relatives..." =P

And then Kim and I got to visit DC a little with Chamal and Phoebe, which was a whole lotta fun. ^_^

And then more weddings, went back to Houston with Kim to see a hugemongous Hindu and Catholic wedding, of which my mom and relatives kept dropping hints about marriage. So subtle... so subtle... *laughs*

Anyways, so that's the narrative of what I've been up to (for the most part). Probably more to come.

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