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So I realize that I don't post nearly as often as I used to. Not for a lack of content, but for a lack of time. Anyways.

So I started working on my car (the '68 Mustang, no longer a Must-ng) over the weekend for the first time. It's an amazing feeling to be able to take something apart and fix it. ^_^ So yeah, now I've kinda got on a high with working on the car, which is really cool. I ripped out the dash, cleaned up each part of the inside, reattached the broken part of the spedometer, and fixed up the odometer. (oh yeah, my 37 year old car has 1.9 miles on it =P) Anyways, Joe took a look at it, and I think we're gonna start looking at stereo parts for it. Good stuff ^_^

Yeah. I sometimes forget how lucky I am, I really love my job (even though it's stressful at times), I've got some great friends who are (for the most part) quite happy, a wonderful girlfriend, and I'm finally starting to listen to music again. Life is good. Busy, but good.

On that note - congratulations to Mel and Sean (who called me this morning to be his best man at his wedding) who are engaged and will be getting married this summer. You rarely see two people who are that perfect together. It's quite a sight. Now... to think up a speech...

I've also realized that Austin is home. Everywhere I go now, I have memories in and around Austin. Each street, sidewalk, restaurant has its own memories. From rolling around in the grass, going to cast parties, orientation, scavengar hunts, showing friends around, seeing sunsets, classes, and just late nights with friends, everywhere I go in Austin feels like home. I like that feeling. I always have.

And now, random song lyrics - does anyone know the song? (without using the internet to find the answer...)

Digging up the past
To cross that line
To bury it, one last time
Offered is advice to you
But all you did was fake it
I know that pain inside this truth
But you just have to face it
And she's only yours tonight
Oh she never cries, mother
I know there's hurt inside,

And, to top off the randomness, here's a crazy picture of my cat, Vincent. ^_^

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