Alright, so it's been a long time since I've posted anything, just thought I'd shoot an update. First of all - it was awesome to see everyone in the last few weeks, that was probably the best way to celebrate all the awesome stuff I've gotten myself into recenlty.

First, I graduated college. It's over. THANK GOD. Amazingly enough, the fact that I passed this last semester is more amazing to me than the fact that I finished college as a whole. Is that sad? Anyways, somehow I not only managed to pass, but I got straight As! Yeah, that's pretty nuts - what a way to go, 22 hours of A credit at the end. Allll right. ^_^

Second, my parents surprised me on my graduation day with the Mustang! It's finally up and working, so I've been taking it around as my primary car - especially since all the other cars in my family are being repaired right now. For those of you that don't know, my mother bought a '68 Mustang in 1970, and we've had it ever since. Needless to say, I've wanted it for the longest time, and it's finally working. It's absolutely wonderful. ^_^

Third, I got my dream job. I never could have EVER imagined getting right into the game industry out of college. I really feel like working my ass off in school all this time finally paid off. I got an awesome internship with the best boss I've ever worked under, whom I felt I learned a TON from, and even now, I'm working with some awesome people. Plus, I'm making good money, have great benefits and get to stay in Austin, but far away enough from the total hustle of the city (up North). Work is currently kicking my ass, because the stuff I've working on is a huge part of the whole system, and is very problematic, but at least I'm almost done with it. ^_^

Also, just recently we found out that at the worst, Kim will be coasting by on a full scholarship to Baylor for law school. (yeah, some worst case, huh?) Anyways, so at the worst, she'll be between Austin and Dallas. Good stuff. ^_^

So now, I'm just working my butt off at my job, and spending time with Kim, my family and friends, and playing all kinds of video games.

Gooood stuff. ^_^

Oh yeah - Congratulations on the recent engagement, Mel and Sean! You two are wonderful together!

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