Well, it seems possible that I might graduate - I've still got some big hurdles to cross, such as my research presentation, my ever-delayed (grr on you DEC) English final, my other million finals, and a bunch of papers. But, in the next week or two, there are some important dates - it'd be awesome if any of you guys can come.

- Dec. 5th: 2:30pm at the Frank Erwin Center - I'm graduating from college! w00t!
- Dec. 7th: 7:00pm at the VizLab on campus in the CS building - I'm showcasing the game that me and my team have been working on all semester, along with the other two games from the class.
- Dec. 15th: I will have finished my last presentation and I think I'm going to have people over to the apt and drink and avoid any thoughts of school in any way shape or form.

So, if you're bored - come out! It'll be fun ^_^

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