Long time, no blog.

Alright, so I got pulled into a thing with Devon and his friend Robin, to take and post up a picture for every day, pushing forward the idea of quantity over quality, and somewhere in there, a good picture will be. So, here's my start, as of 11-13-04, the first day of the Indian New Year, actually. So here goes, my week of pictures, with up to five words of commentary each.

11-13-04: Sitting at the Renaissance Festival.
11-14-04: How I feel most days.
11-15-04: Crappy weather, w00t.
11-16-04: Cat in the tub.
11-17-04: Stuck in a broken car.
11-18-04: Madrigal Dinner (I miss them).
11-19-04: Comatose.

As usual with my stuff, any comments are more than welcome.

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