lather, rinse, repeat

Well, time to start everything over again, another semester full of classes and projects, and just stuff in general to be done. I only really had one class today in the evening, and a meeting in the afternoon - but what was really interesting was stepping off the bus onto campus. I mean, I've been here for a full three and a half years now, but for some reason, everything seemed so unfamiliar, strange and new, as if I had never been there before... it really was a truly bizarre feeling o_O. Anyways, need to get back into the groove of things, as I finish up the projects at home I'm trying to do as well as go headstrong into my work for the semester - so, whoever's curious, here's what I've got

Operating systems class
Programming languages class
Online game technology class
History of art, photo and film in western America class
Research with a professor to create a fully interactive evolved art computer exhibit
Research at the DMC on a nanotech project
Research at the DMC on a hypersphere visualization project
Working with a group of friends to create a full game for internet play soon, and possibly pitch in Jan 05
Work out to get my body back into a healthy position

and that doesn't even bring in the work that I needed to do and that I haven't o_O but I won't go into that -_-

When I close my eyes, I see...

For the longest time, and still, I have had the desire to perform in some way. It amazes me how deeply some music can touch me, and many other people. That is definately a talent I wish I had. I've even recieved a compliment before on my voice - shame that I'm tone deaf. Although, I have been lucky enough to see what it feels like to touch people, even on a minor level.
I remember. I remember OA retreat last January - Jamieson convinced me to play Vertical Horizon's Everything You Want on guitar and he would sing. So all that day, we practiced together - and we were, of course, far from perfect, but we went up anyways. So we went up there, with a little bit of light on us, in a room otherwise empty of any light. And as I began playing, it just really felt right. I'm not going to claim I'm good at playing guitar, or even keeping a good constant rhythm - but it just felt good. Anyways, I played and he sung to a silent room. Verse and chorus, verse and chorus. And as we hit the second or third chorus, Jamieson just stopped singing, and after another chord or two, I stopped playing, and looked at him confused. He snickered at me, and said "keep playing" or something to that effect as he pointed out to the audience. And as I turned and looked out, I could suddenly see sitting on the floor in front of us, everyone's eyes on us as I heard a soft crowd singing... "he's everything you want... he's everything you need... he's everything inside of you that you wish you could be..." I was really just dumfounded... it was one of the most beautiful experiences I've had. It literally took me a second to grab my guitar again and get back into the song. And after that last chorus, the last notes of the guitar finished the song to a small applause. But that one moment... those few seconds - I can remember it so crystal clear like it was happening right in front of me - with each face, each sound, each word - I really love that feeling - just really feeling the people around you.

When I stop listening, I hear...

"If you want to
I can save you
I can take you away from here
So lonely inside
So busy out there
And all you wanted
Was somebody who cares

All you wanted was somebody who cares
If you need me you know I'll be there
Oh, yeah"

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